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In delivering Multi million pound projects for some of the industry's biggest names, we have previously been on the receiving end of very poor service, when reinforcing direct labour with that of agencies.


In realisation and response to this common issue, P&B offer a service to subcontract specialist elements of the project, using our certified delivery tradesmen and operatives to meet such shortfalls over long and short Contracts.


We filter the poor performers from those that excel and pass only the best on to our clients.


We can offer services ranging from single site delivery managers, to full delivery teams for the project lifecycle. Due to our experience and pool of talent, from delivering the UK's biggest projects, we can draw upon and ensure a superior quality of workmanship.


We can offer a unique, competitive, slick service to clients throughout the UK.


Please call P&B to discuss any Specialist Labour Subcontracting that we can help you out with.

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